Welcome to theCity and County of Bristol Lieutenancy

The Lord-Lieutenant of the City and County of Bristol,
Mrs Peaches Golding OBE,
is Her Majesty's representative in the City and County

As Lord-Lieutenant, Peaches is Her Majesty's representative in the City and County of Bristol and her first and foremost duty is to uphold the dignity of the Crown. She will follow the example of the Queen and other members of the Royal family and seek to promote a good atmosphere and a spirit of co-operation in the City; she will encourage amicable and productive relationships between all sectors, whether involving the voluntary, social, commercial or civic life of the City.  Lord-Lieutenants also have traditional links with the Armed Forces and exercise leadership in a wide range of matters, from civil and defence to professional and voluntary.  The Lord-Lieutenant is also the Chairperson of the Advisory Committee on Justices of the Peace. 

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Your Lieutenancy

Your Lieutenancy

The Lieutenancy Office for County and City of Bristol is located at Leigh Court, Abbots Leigh, Bristol BS8 3RA - see map at the bottom of this page.  The Bristol Lieutenancy is one of 55 Lieutenancies in England and Wales and serves a population of 428,100 (2011). The City is diverse with more than 91 languages being spoken and 45 religions observed.  Bristol is proud to be an inclusive and harmonious city. 

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What We Do

What We Do

The Lord-Lieutenant is here to help you or your organisation to be of service to the wider community.  Whether it is a visit to your organisation to recognise the work being done, a recommendation to attend a Royal Garden Party, advice on how to nominate a colleague or friend for a national honour based on the high quality of service performed and more, the Lord-Lieutenant is pleased to help.

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Honours and Awards

Honours and Awards

Recognising excellence at the level of personal, business or voluntary organisational achievement requires the inhabitants of Bristol to submit nominations.  However, the Lord-Lieutenant promotes and reviews submissions and the Lieutenancy is keen to encourage more applications for:

  • Honours in the UK honours system
  • The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise
  • The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service

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News and Events

'Changing Tunes' charity celebrates 30th anniversary at HMP Bristol

'Changing Tunes' charity celebrates 30th anniversary at HMP Bristol

14 September 2017
Changing Tunes held a 30th Anniversary musical celebration at HMP Bristol on September 14th. (Read more about this by clicking on VIEW ALL NEWS AND EVENTS immediately below)

Brigadier to command Naval Regional HQ

Brigadier to command Naval Regional HQ

12 September 2017
For the first time since World War II, the Wales and Western England Naval Region will be commanded by a Brigadier. (Read more about this by clicking VIEW ALL NEWS AND EVENTS immediately below)

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