Welcome to theCity and County of Bristol Lieutenancy

The Lord-Lieutenant of the City and County of Bristol,
Mrs Peaches Golding OBE,
is Her Majesty's representative in the City and County

As Lord-Lieutenant, Peaches is Her Majesty's representative in the City and County of Bristol and her first and foremost duty is to uphold the dignity of the Crown. She will follow the example of the Queen and other members of the Royal family and seek to promote a good atmosphere and a spirit of co-operation in the City; she will encourage amicable and productive relationships between all sectors, whether involving the voluntary, social, commercial or civic life of the City.  Lord-Lieutenants also have traditional links with the Armed Forces and exercise leadership in a wide range of matters, from civil and defence to professional and voluntary.  The Lord-Lieutenant is also the Chairperson of the Advisory Committee on Justices of the Peace. 

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Your Lieutenancy

Your Lieutenancy

The Lieutenancy Office for County and City of Bristol is located at Leigh Court, Abbots Leigh, Bristol BS8 3RA - see map at the bottom of this page.  The Bristol Lieutenancy is one of 55 Lieutenancies in England and Wales and serves a population of 428,100 (2011). The City is diverse with more than 91 languages being spoken and 45 religions observed.  Bristol is proud to be an inclusive and harmonious city. 

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What We Do

What We Do

The Lord-Lieutenant is here to help you or your organisation to be of service to the wider community.  Whether it is a visit to your organisation to recognise the work being done, a recommendation to attend a Royal Garden Party, advice on how to nominate a colleague or friend for a national honour based on the high quality of service performed and more, the Lord-Lieutenant is pleased to help.

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Honours and Awards

Honours and Awards

Recognising excellence at the level of personal, business or voluntary organisational achievement requires the inhabitants of Bristol to submit nominations.  However, the Lord-Lieutenant promotes and reviews submissions and the Lieutenancy is keen to encourage more applications for:

  • Honours in the UK honours system
  • The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise
  • The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service

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News and Events

Bristol's affiliation with HMS PRINCE OF WALES

Bristol's affiliation with HMS PRINCE OF WALES

10 May 2018

The Royal Navy turned out in force at the launch of the affiliation between Bristol and HMS PRINCE OF WALES, Britain’s largest and newest aircraft carrier (to read more click VIEW ALL NEWS AND EVENTS below).

High Commissioner for India visits Bristol

High Commissioner for India visits Bristol

4 May 2018

His Excellency the High Commissioner for India Mr Y K Sinha was received by Lord-Lieutenant Mrs Peaches Golding OBE for a day long visit to Bristol (to read more click VIEW ALL NEWS AND EVENTS below).

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And our own city of Charlotte comes directly from her. #Rejoice #NC #HistoricalDiversity https://t.co/xUm7aBjN7m

20 May, 08:57

Congrats @ASPolice Ops Planning Team on your #BeProudAwards You are real heroes!! Thanks so much!! @SuMountstevens @NikkiPolice @AandSPCC https://t.co/Na2WhFMs9X

17 May, 21:29

RT: 9391ESLodge

Great to see HRH Prince Edward The Duke of Kent on a public Royal visit coming to the West for the City of Bristol and focusing on the Arts there. We greet him and wish our #GrandMaster well @PGL_Bristol @UGLE_GrandLodge https://t.co/JvKMrOKX0O

17 May, 10:22

I look forward to receiving HRH The Duke of Kent for a visit to @ColstonH @bottleyards @wshed to showcase talent & digital, tech & media skills in #Bristol - #UNESCO City of Film https://t.co/SuZjph1Bfo

16 May, 22:46

RT: timbono1

Proud to have attended this remarkable opportunity for the city of Bristol and their affiliation with @HMSPWLS - beautiful location @SSGreatBritain , committed individuals @bw_businesswest and the sensational @RMBandService @PeachesTweets https://t.co/iozvKjkuA8

16 May, 21:35

RT: CllrAsherCraig

Proud to represent @MarvinJRees @BristolCouncil at the formal@announcement of @VivFaull as the 57th Bishop of Bristol at @BHillSettlement with @PeachesTweets & church dignitaries. Great news and appointment for the city. https://t.co/xUUjHzI3uX

16 May, 21:34

RT: MoonConsulting

Over 100 businesses & community leaders came together to celebrate #Bristol's affiliation with HMS PRINCE OF WALES, Britain’s largest and newest aircraft carrier @HMSPWLS @PeachesTweets @SSGreatBritain https://t.co/YBhxEwuhIW https://t.co/DY7XSuLioU

16 May, 21:33

RT: RoyalFamily

Bearing The Queen's signature, the Instrument of Consent records Her Majesty's consent to the Marriage of Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle. #RoyalWedding Find out more: https://t.co/KNUnxl0hUj https://t.co/wsXTt4FzAn

13 May, 19:08

An excellent way to encourage creativity through the beauty of music when played by a phenomenally talented, awesome young man. @ShekuKM - thank you! @Chineke4Change https://t.co/MtaojHCrUr

11 May, 18:00

RT: BristolWater

You can win the equivalent of 5 years of free water, worth more than £1,000, just by telling us what you think about our draft business plan! It only takes two minutes to complete it! https://t.co/DCRyLr5Yoh #bristol #bristolwatermyviews https://t.co/7XwtavjKvd

11 May, 17:54

Agreed - we need more female engineers! BLOODHOUND Education @BLOODHOUND_Edu is groundbreaking practical learning and tremendous fun. When shall I come for another visit? https://t.co/rtWN5HzZnQ

11 May, 14:04

Our dedicated Bristol Suite will host diplomats, world leaders and more over the next 50 years around the entire globe. https://t.co/e4nXaB62DT

11 May, 12:21